Yesterday, December 8, 2021, the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation (GZS) appointed new representatives to the board of the association. Damjan Kralj, MSc, the Chief Executive Officer of the BTC company, was elected for a new, already a second mandate as the president of GZS.

In the previous mandate as a president of the association, Damjan Kralj, MSc, who is an experienced manager and passionate athlete, strived to strengthen the recognition of gymnastics, even among the youngest. He improved the marketing and financial shape of the federation. Furthermore, he made a significant contribution to the preparation of the long-term development strategy until 2030.

Upon his reappointment as the first man of the Slovenian gymnastics, Damjan Kralj, MSc, said: »I am thankful to the delegates for their support and trust. I believe that the joint efforts of the entire GZS team and our supporters over the past four years have contributed to the important steps we took moving forward and to the strengthened quality of our federation. All that we have achieved represents a good foundation for the future operations and development of the federation in the field of sports, marketing and business performance. I am looking forward to a new mandate and new joint achievements.«

At BTC, we have been long-time supporters of the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation and sports in general. With many sponsorships and support for sports clubs and events, we promote an active lifestyle among recreational athletes as well as professional sport. With the new mandate, Damjan Kralj, MSc, continues the path of Jože Mermal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTC and an honorary member of the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation, and the traditional support of BTC to Slovenian gymnastics.