The BTC Company and DIH Slovenia are the main sponsors of the Slovenian Digital Center’s December programme, which is dedicated to Industry 4.0 and robotics. Throughout the entire month of December, visitors will be able to have a look at diverse robotics solutions and enjoy a special robotics experience.

In December, BTC City Ljubljana will transform into a centre of robotics and robotic development, presenting solutions, robots and robotic applications by Slovenian companies working in Industry 4.0 and robotics. With fun and unique robot showcases, the December happenings will also include one of the most prominent international robotics companies, Yaskawa, which has brought real robots to be exhibited in the Slovenian Digital Center. All visitors will have a chance to play a special round of darts with a robot.

Solutions that facilitate industry production and improve performance will also be presented, as well as experiments and possibilities of cooperation between people and robots, further strengthening the Slovenian Digital Center’s position as the hub of Slovenian economic progress and development in Industry 4.0 and robotics.

“Robots and robotics are already having an impact on business, and their practical value and development will continue to have a considerable effect on business performance in the future. More than that, robots are our companions in households and the broader social environment. We do believe that robotics will create new jobs, teach us new skills, and as such greatly influence the development of the world in which we live. At the BTC Company, being a progressive enterprise, we support and encourage the development of new technologies, especially those that put people in the forefront and improve the quality of life,” said Damjan Kralj, MSc, CEO of the BTC Company.

The lively December programme also includes free robotics workshops for children and their parents, letting kids immerse themselves in the world of robotics, which is sure to help shape the future to come. Perhaps these workshops will spur some of them to choose a career path dedicated to developing robots and their applications. Some events and educational content will also be aimed at secondary school students, university students, young researchers and entrepreneurs.

In December, BTC City Ljubljana will further be visited by numerous prominent, internationally renowned Slovenian and international speakers, including a delegation from Austria. Informal networking will be organised in the scope of economic delegations and business forums, with SPIRIT Slovenia providing free entry for participants.

The events will have a hybrid character, taking place both in the Slovenian Digital Center in BTC City Ljubljana and remotely. You can have a look at the entire programme here.


December – Industry 4.0 and Robotics month

PHOTO: Matjaž Očko