The BTC Company has received the Green Star sustainability certificate of excellence, which attests to the correct and appropriate course of action undertaken so far in the company’s sustainability efforts. In compliance with ambitious regulatory provisions, the company is striving for an accelerated green transformation, the ultimate goal being a reduction of its overall carbon footprint.

The BTC Company has a long-standing tradition of sustainability, supported by actual results and recognized by various target audiences. Already ten years ago, the company introduced the Eco Index, its own metric for monitoring and evaluating sustainability progress in various areas of the company’s activities. In the framework of the Mission: Green project, the company furthermore designed an ambitious and socially responsible plan of action to raise awareness among customers, employees and business partners on the importance of energy savings in the area of BTC City Ljubljana.

In the Crystal Palace, the tallest office building in Slovenia, photovoltaic cells were installed on the south-facing facade of the building more than ten years ago for the company to generate its own electricity. The same applies to solar plants on the roof of the logistics facility on the Letališka cesta road and on the roof of the shopping centre in Murska Sobota. The project of heating Atlantis Water Park with surplus thermal energy from AquafilSLO was another prominent affair. The BTC Company also constantly strives to make the entire BTC City Ljubljana area even greener, having already planted over 1,500 trees. Moreover, the company keeps increasing the efficiency of energy use through various energy-focused measures and development, and is successful in the field of waste management, as it manages to separate approximately 70% of waste on average.

The company actively promotes sustainable mobility with over 800 bicycle parking spots, 5 kilometres of marked bike paths, infrastructure for owners or co-users of electric vehicles and bicycles, and connections to as many as 5 city bus lines. This successful path of sustainability has now been confirmed by the Green Star sustainability certificate of excellence.

“At the BTC Company, we are well aware that sustainable development will become an even greater driver of medium- and long-term actions in the future, the shaping of which will have to be approached by all stakeholders in a common effort. Even more ambitious sustainability commitments, dictated by regulations and our responsibility towards future generations, can only be achieved through the integration and coordinated action of various business partners and other stakeholders within the local community and society as a whole. Indeed, sustainable development is not the story of one entity alone, but must be written together with all stakeholders involved. This Green Star certificate confirms that the decisions made so far in planning and implementing our many sustainable activities have been correct, and, by means of recommendations for improvements, supports and encourages us to remain on the right path of sustainability in the future as well,” said Miha Mermal, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer at the BTC Company.


The BTC Company becomes proud recipient of the Green Star sustainability certificate

PHOTO: Studio Bomba