Today, the BTC Company presented activities for the greening of BTC City Ljubljana, focused primarily on the project of establishing a central park with majestic trees in the area. Already in the first phase of the project, the park will cover about 10,000 m2. Several well-recognised architectural and landscaping bureaus will be invited to participate in an architectural design contest for the preparation of a comprehensive conceptual design of the park, with works to begin in the first half of 2023.

For years, the BTC Company has intertwined shopping, business and leisure in BTC City Ljubljana following a unique hybrid concept. Now, the company is planning to add a residential element to the equation in cooperation with its strategic partners. Part of the new residential neighbourhood in BTC City Ljubljana will be a central park with tall trees, covering an area of approximately 10,000 m2 south of the IKEA store. Works on the park are expected to start in the first half of 2023. An architectural design contest for the preparation of an overall comprehensive appearance of the park will soon be announced.

The new central park will be an important upgrade of the BTC Company’s efforts to greenify BTC City Ljubljana, which is increasingly becoming a generator of sustainable practices in the region. At the moment, more than 1,500 trees have already been planted in the area. As part of an internal team-building involving its top management and employees, the company started to plant more than 70 trees just this month. In addition to intensive activities to make the area greener, BTC City Ljubljana will also receive a number of other sustainable upgrades, which will make it even friendlier to its visitors, business partners and, in accordance with its hybrid concept development strategy, also to future residents.

“Proud of our past achievements in sustainable development, we at the BTC Company are taking bold and ambitious steps into the upcoming era of demanding sustainability challenges, dictated on the one hand by the upcoming regulations in the field, and on the other, unfortunately, by the increasingly perceived changes in the environment, such as extreme weather events. Through various activities, we will therefore work even harder to reduce the total carbon footprint in the area, both our own and that of our business partners. With such cooperation and integration, we want to create a regional example of good practice in the comprehensive management and development of a sustainable hybrid centre, in our case BTC City Ljubljana, which in many ways already resembles a real town borough,” said Mr Damjan Kralj, MSc, CEO of the BTC Company.

The BTC Company uses a wide variety of measures to continuously increase energy efficiency, promote sustainable mobility, and give back to society and the environment through a number of socially responsible projects that encourage exercise and sports among people, raise the level of environmental awareness, strengthen cultural engagement, or address the specific needs of different generations.

The BTC Company’s current sustainable approach has recently been affirmed by the acquisition of the 2021 Green Star certificate. Green Star is a certificate of sustainability that attests to progress made in the green transformation of a company, and is awarded by the CER Sustainable Business Network Slovenia. The certificate affirms that the BTC company is actively undergoing a green transformation and, with its projected activities, successfully addresses the recommendations for improvements arising from the aforementioned report.


A central park in BTC City Ljubljana – a new green oasis in Ljubljana

PHOTO: Studio Bomba