Excitement and high spirits could be felt at the final event of the Safe Cycling programme as the expert committee announced the winners – students from elementary schools OŠ Sveti Tomaž and OŠ Toneta Tomšiča Knežak. The first showed their excellence in the BECOMING A CYCLIST category, while the latter earned the award by excellently implementing the tasks in the ACTIVE ON BIKE category. The entire programme was sponsored by Butan plin.

The winners received their awards in the company of special guests who contributed to the festive atmosphere of the programme, and were rewarded for their hard work, efforts and dedication in the fields of traffic safety and sustainable mobility throughout the entire year.

The winning elementary schools of the Becoming a cyclist TENDER:

1st place | OŠ Sveti Tomaž

2nd place | OŠ Milana Majcna Šentjanž

3rd place | OŠ Branik

The winning elementary schools of the Active on bike TENDER:

1st place (total) | OŠ Toneta Tomšiča Knežak

2nd place (total) | OŠ Jurija Vege Moravče

3rd place (total) |OŠ Heroja Janeza Hribarja Stari trg pri Ložu

The winning elementary schools with the most kilometres:

1st place | OŠ Braslovče

2nd place | OŠ Šmihel

The winning elementary school with the highest student-attendance at the sports day event:

1st place (total) | OŠ Cirkovce