At the beginning of December 2023, the BTC Company, for the second consecutive year, received the Green Star sustainability certificate, awarded by CER – Partnership for Sustainable Economy. This year, BTC received one more star than in the previous year. This certificate is a testament of the company’s successful inclusion of sustainable ESG principles and climate actions.

As a strategic tool, the Green Star certificate assesses the company’s current sustainable actions through a questionnaire. Attaining a certificate with an additional star signifies the company’s progress on the way toward its green transformation. At the BTC Company, they take pride in attaining this certificate, attesting to them being on the right path of achieving their sustainability goals with their sustainability initiatives – at a pace set and through close cooperation with their stakeholders.

The BTC Company has a long tradition of implementing sustainable development activities which are a significant component of its strategy. The company has undertaken numerous sustainability projects throughout 2023. With the aim of collective addressing of trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of environment, society and management, the company has started building the BTC City Green Community, composed of BTC company’s business partners, who are recipients of the Green Star certificate. A lot of attention was also given to the greenifying of BTC City Ljubljana, thereby gradually changing the microclimate and strengthening the biodiversity of the natural environment.

The BTC Company has actively promoted sustainable mobility, partnering with Avant Car to introduce an electric delivery vehicle in BTC City Ljubljana. This allows visitors to conveniently rent a vehicle for transporting larger and heavier items home. Numerous initiatives were also carried out in the field of energy management. In 2023, BTC successfully completed the instalment of two solar power plants in BTC City Ljubljana. Additionally, the volume of emission sources was calculated, thereby forming the basis for developing a decarbonisation strategy in 2024. Through these sustainable measures, the company is making strides towards its goals of ensuring own renewable energy sources, strengthening energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint.