On Friday, 15 March 2024, the BTC Company signed a contract to become one of the 18 members of a consortium to create a low-carbon hydrogen ecosystem, organised by the Slovenia–Japan Business Council and coordinated by ELES. The consortium, which is made up of public and private companies from the electricity sector, the gas sector and the industry, aims to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel of the future.

Members of the low-carbon hydrogen ecosystem consortium will work to implement various low-carbon hydrogen value-chain projects in Slovenia and work together to create a nationwide low-carbon hydrogen ecosystem. In this way, they will contribute to achieving the objectives of the green energy transition and securing a low-carbon future for Slovenia. Moreover, their model can serve as a model for other countries in the European Union and beyond.

The BTC Company’s focus within the consortium will be mainly on the identified opportunity arising from the potential installation of hydrogen charging stations at strategic logistics and other commercial transport locations. That said, the company will also be involved in other demo projects deemed promising by consortium members, who will have access to more than 6,500 experts supporting the development of the hydrogen ecosystem in a variety of ways, such as securing the necessary land, infrastructure, power grid, energy sources, expertise and more.

By participating in various projects, such as the low-carbon hydrogen ecosystem consortium, the BTC Company continues to build on its sustainability efforts to create advanced business models that will enable society to accelerate its green transformation with a view to an improved quality of life, a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable attitude towards the environment in which we live.