This past Friday, on 29 March 2024, the 18th charity ride with Marko Baloh took place at Sports Centre Millenium in BTC City Ljubljana. The ultra-marathon cyclist, accompanied by other good-hearted cycling enthusiasts and top Slovenian athletes, rode for no less than 12 hours and raised funds to buy fruit and vegetable packages for families in need. In total, the event raised funds to purchases 50 packages. Donations are still possible through the Truhoma platform until 12 April.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Sports Centre Millenium proudly hosted the event with Marko Baloh for the 18th year running. The Slovenian long-distance cyclist rode an indoor bike for 12 hours, from 10 am to 10 pm. The event brought together cycling enthusiasts, who rode a total of 472 kilometres. Among the participants were many well-known Slovenian athletes, such as Timi Zajc, Žak Mogel, Robert Kranjec, Štefan Hadalin, Mitja Petkovšek, Samo Jeranko, female members of the KD Rog Cycling Club and others.

The Slovenian extreme ultra-marathon cyclist Marko Baloh, initiator of this traditional sports and charity event, has ridden thousands of kilometres for charity at Sports Centre Millennium, besides holding multiple world records and winning some of the toughest long-distance races. At this year’s charity ride, he rode 472 kilometres at an average speed of 39 kilometres per hour and climbed 2490 vertical metres. On the bike he burned 8300 calories.

As Miha Mermal, Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer at the BTC Company, who also took part in the charity indoor bike ride, pointed out, “Both sports, especially cycling, and social responsibility have a special place at our company. Every year, we support more than 130 organisations, individuals and events in various fields as part of our social responsibility efforts, which we see as giving back to society and contributing to a better future for all. We’re proud that the now already traditional charity ride with Mark Baloh, held at our Sports Centre Millenium, is among them and that the event also took place this year, as we are celebrating 25 years of Sports Centre Millenium and 70 years of the BTC Company.”