Teater Komedija BTC starts its third season with Noel Coward’s SUITE IN THREE KEYS directed by Vojko Zidar.

The story of the comedy SUITE IN THREE KEYS is about a secret and passionate love between a charming Sicilian princess and an American millionaire. The story begins in the romantic city of Rome. Later on it is set at Lake Geneva, behind the back of the millionaire’s wife, in the butler’s presence and accompanied by the pianist’s romantic performance. The story is tense and comic, its end remains a secret for you to discover.

Important actors from the world of Slovenian theatre are playing in this piece written by the renowned British author Noel Coward. Polona Vetrih, the artistic director of Teater komedija BTC, plays the role of the charming Sicilian princess seducing an American millionaire played by Borut Veselko. Jette Vejrup Ostan plays a never satisfied millionaire’s wife, while Željko Hrs is the ever present butler and Igor Seme is the pianist. The attractive setting has been designed by Ivo Koritnik and the costumes by Mojca Makuc.

Here at BTC CITY we have tried to listen to our visitors’ needs and have offered them the opportunity to spend their free time visiting a cultural event of some kind. We believe that comedy is the genre that helps us relax, makes us happy and takes the load off our minds after a hard working day or week. The theatre of ten years ago differs significantly from today’s theatre: luxurious costumes, serious faces, solemn atmosphere and a restrained smile during the performance. Today, on the contrary, visitors are relaxed, actors can be seen on billboards, the theatre is full of laughter and applause, followed by cries of bravo, bravo…

Only a few years ago a visit to a theatre performance involved a touch of elitism and BTC soon realised that life cannot be made up of elitism. Therefore, our goal has always been to attract lots of people but not at the expense of the quality of a play. Polona Vetrih, the soul of Teater Komedija, has managed to find a successful recipe for choosing lighter, yet quality performances suitable for all ages. Teater Komedija BTC has blended in with the shopping environment. It is a serious theatre – by ‘serious’ we mean a high-quality repertoire for all generations.

Teater Komedija BTC, 2002/2003 season programme:
1. Aldo Nicolaj: STARA GARDA (Classe di ferro); mostly older visitors will be able to identify themselves with the comedy played by three famous actors Jurij Souček, Danilo Benedičič and Ivo Zupančič.
2. Willy Russell: SHIRLEY VALENTINE; a play about the young and mischievous Shirley Valentine hidden somewhere at the bottom of Mrs Bradshaw’s heart has been on our programme for three years now. This monocomedy has been staged more than 70 times.
3. Noel Coward: SUITE IN THREE KEYS; directed by Vojko Zidar who commented on the play: ‘Even though the text of the play is more than 40 years old, it still is as attractive and mature as it was, as a well-preserved subject. Attractive as a young man, now as a forty-year old he still has the looks and the years that have elapsed have merely given him extra charm.’

Suite in Three Keys premiered on Saturday, 16 November and 23 November 2002.