From 28 November, you will be able to take a look around the virtual BTC CITY in all its diversity by just clicking on the web page More information about the company can be found at

The project is carried out by BTC plc and Hal Interactive Ltd., a leading company in the field of web promotion and e-business.

The Internet has helped connect the world via communication and the exchanging of information. It gives the opportunity for companies to present their businesses to their customers, offer information and products and build their image. Therefore, we have decided to enable our customers to take a closer look at our city, our business, shopping, sports and entertainment centre.

BTC CITY web city, presented at, reflects the modern vision of our city and is intended for the broad public. Having transferred all advantages from the real BTC CITY to the interactive space we provide our customers with easier access to basic and desired information about your-our city. We have designed a virtual guide through the city, a browser through the products, shops, location and brands where an interactive 3D map is really helpful because you are able to find each and every shop and street. While designing our web portal we kept in mind the speed, diversity and quality of the information offered, as in this way we will meet our customers’ needs for information. The web city will update you on the events and shows taking place in BTC City, on new shops opening their doors to you and on sales. One important part of our web city is an e-shop that will be completely upgraded in March 2003, offering you the chance to shop on-line. The web city will be developed with the help of our visitors as there will be a BTC CITY CLUB, e-news, chat rooms, SMS news, surveys, competitions for prizes and an on-line customer service.

The BTC company has designed its corporate web page primarily for businesses and journalists. It reflects the company’s mission and vision, a company whose image has been changing and improving over the years and which will continue to do so in the future. The web page comprises basic information about the company, a brief history of the company, its attitude to the environment and business news. The novelty on the page is a press corner where journalists can register themselves to receive news. Users will be informed of the company’s promotional activities. There is also a photo gallery revealing images taken at events organised at BTC City. Immediate access to the web city will be available at the web page, thereby combining the business spirit of the city with its entertainment, shopping and commercial centre. 

You are warmly invited to have a look at our web pages.

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