From 5 p.m. on 11 December, there will be an ice ball on the newest skating rink in Ljubljana – THE SKATING RINK OF BTC CITY. The ball will be accompanied by the sounds of drums played by D’ORGANIZATORS and songs performed by Alenka Godec. Participants in the magic ball will be members of the Luka Klasinec ice-skating school and Tina Švajger, the national ice-skating champion.

The opening ceremony for the ice-skating rink will be conducted by Mr Jože Mermal, President of the Management Board.

With its ice-skating rink BTC will be able to maintain its reputation as a meeting point, even on cold winter days. No doubt, all visitors will stop to enjoy the dance and skating moves of more or less clumsy older or younger skaters enjoying the Christmas holiday season. Powerful music, sports and social events around the ice-skating rink will last until the end of February. Every morning there will be sports days for school and kindergarten children, an ice-skating school for all ages, games without frontiers, a disco on ice, fashion shows, games for adults and a competition in basketball on ice, ice hockey and skating in which famous Slovenian couples will take part.

The 308-metre square ice-rink is open every day from 10 a.m. until late in the evening. And, the ice-skating is free of charge!

Bring your skates. If you don’t have any, there are some available at the rink.

  Welcome to the opening … BTC plc