On 9 May 2003 Spar Slovenia and BTC plc are opening a new logistical centre on Letališka street in Ljubljana.

With the official opening of the centre, Spar Slovenia and BTC are defining the guidelines for the establishment of a good economic situation in which logistics activities can flourish.

Building partner relations, a new business model and an innovative approach
Spar and BTC have formed a business partnership in which SPAR invested in the construction of the logistical-distributive centre and BTC supervised the project that was completed on time. BTC offers logistics and distributive services, having 50 years of experience in this field. The logistical centre employs more than 60 people and is responsible for supplying 31 Spar and Interspar shops all over Slovenia. A new business model and an innovative approach is absolutely necessary at the time of Slovenia’s entry to the European Union and we have witnessed such with the opening of this logistical centre.

New and safe work positions – 12% more employees at BTC

This new distributive centre is important because it also brings new work positions. The number of employees grew by 12% compared to 2002.

Modern communication and information technology
The centre functions with the help of new technologies. Warehousing and distribution are completely supported by information technology portable bar code readers, a complete programme supporting the supply chain).
A further competitive advantage of this centre is its good location near the ring round surrounding Ljubljana (connecting it to both the city of Ljubljana and neighbouring countries) and BTC itself. It will have its own railway network in order to protect the environment.

The centre itself encompasses a gross area of 25,000m2, having been built on a total of 54,000m2. Experts from Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland have taken part in this project, building a modern logistical warehouse and business premises.

21,000 pallets and 5,000 articles in the one place
There are 21,000 pallets that offer space for 5,000 various articles supplied, ordered, stored and finally distributed to Spar and Interspar shops all over Slovenia up to four times a week.

Intensive investments
The total cost of the investment is SIT 6,000 million (EUR 26 million).
Part of the investment in question involves the construction of a new two-storey business premises of SPAR Slovenia covering 4,000 m2. This modern and well-equipped facility offers room for management and administrative offices employing more than 150 people.

This BTC and SPAR Slovenia joint investment has reinforced the companies’ significant place in the Slovenian market in their attempt to fulfil their big economic dreams and to set long-term goals in today’s constantly changing and fiercely competitive surroundings.

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