The sun, sand, games, friends, hanging out, laughter and music – sounds like the seaside, doesn’t it? These words can best describe the events taking place at Aleja mladih at BTC this week and continuing throughout the summer. The venue is named Športno mesto (sports city) and will offer sports, music and social events in the hot summer months, from the middle of June until the beginning of September. The first event is the beach volleyball tournament of mixed triples sponsored by the Dnevnik newspaper. 22 VIP teams, composed of media workers, musicians, football players or business people, will take part in the tournament hosted by Vili Resnik. Radio Antena will provide just the right atmosphere with its excellent music.

The tournament is divided into two parts, the first starting at 5 p.m. on Wednesday 11 June at the beach volleyball court at Aleja mladih at BTC (near the Giga Sport shop). There will be 11 matches on a knock-out basis, so losing means direct elimination from the tournament. On the following day at the same time the best players will compete for the top positions. The best three teams will take home medals and prizes, whereas all participants will be given symbolic gifts from the sponsors, Dnevnik and BTC. The participants are expected to be competitive, in a good mood, full of laughter and sportsmanship. This event will primarily be a nice way of relaxing in the middle of the working week, new acquaintances will be made, and there is an opportunity to see these public figures in a different light. The names of the participants and results of the draw will be announced on Tuesday 10 June in the Dnevnik newspaper.

A whole range of sports events will be taking place in Sports City after the tournament, such as the BTC City Cup, the Family Tournament, and the Couples’ Tournament. Besides beach volleyball, loads of new tunes will be played, especially on Thursdays and Fridays. Every Thursday there will be a music competition called ‘DJ Stil’ featuring the best DJs of summer. Fridays will be marked by ‘Friday’s Dates’, concerts and theatre performances. Not only sport enthusiasts and those in love will enjoy BTC for there will be lots of family entertainment as well. We will try to give you the chance to spend your free time actively.

More information about these events can be found at and in the attached materials.