On Friday 13 February BTC will have officially completed the upgrading of Hall A, with the related investment being worth EUR 1 million.

The whole project has lasted for 6 months during which BTC has upgraded the halls, installations, sanitary facilities, built sky domes for additional light, fitted nicer shop windows and entrances, built an elevator with a panoramic view, introduced an info point, the BTC radio station ‘Moje mesto (My City) and a new advertising programme. The architectural plans were designed by Ivo Koritnik, an architect from Arche. 183 shops covering 27,000 m2 have been upgraded. 

We invite you to come to Hall A on 13 February because we have prepared various events and a wheel of fortune giving away 1,000 prizes. The main prize of SIT 100,000 is to be awarded at the end of the event.

‘Hall A was the first to be altered into a small shopping centre in 1993, therefore this upgrading was quite necessary. Its facade was renovated in 2002 and this upgrading has been done together with our lessees. The main purpose was to provide a better shopping experience’, says Vinko Kocjančič, director of the Ljubljana subsidiary.

In 2003 a cumulative total of 18 million visitors to BTC and in 2004 BTC and its business partners (Spar, the KD Group) will offer them 77,000 m2 of new and 28,000 m2 of old, renovated business space. The company’s investments in 2003 and 2004 will be worth EUR 50 million.

BTC is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2004 and has set itself a clear goal: to become the biggest business, shopping, sports, entertainment and cultural centre in all of Europe. At the moment, BTC extends over 475,000 m2, 365,000 m2 of which are covered by various offices and shopping facilities.

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