Ljubljana, 8 December 2003
In BTC CITY in Ljubljana Merkur will build a new commercial centre encompassing 11,000 m2, the biggest Merkur commercial centre in all of Slovenia. A similar one is already found in Hudinja, Celje. Today, Jože Mermal, President of the BTC Management Board, and Emil Pavlin, Director of Merkur Investment Engineering, signed a long-term contract to lease the hall where the new centre will be situated. The first step has been taken.
25,000 various products in MERKURHOME (MERKURDOM), MERKURDIY (MERKURMOJSTER) and an everything-for-your-garden centre

Merkur’s commercial centre will be located on the ground floor of Hall 17, encompassing almost 12,000 m2. It will be divided into two parts: MERKURDOM and MERKURMOJSTER, the first offering quality products for interior design and the garden, the second equipment for craftsmen, tradesmen and do-it-yourself ‘experts’. The new centre will also have a big covered everything-for-your-garden centre, with a further 1,000 m2 outdoor space offering various types of plants. The garden centre alone will encompass 3,000 m2, which ten years ago was the total area of Merkur’s centres.
It will be the first centre of its kind, offering 25,000 products for the home and craftsmen and employing more than 70 people. 
BTC’s business partner extending over more than 20,000 m2
Merkur’s presence in Hall 17 will extend over more than 20,000 m2. On the ground floor under the commercial centre there will be more than 8,000 m2 of warehousing space, intended mostly for the products of the subsidiary company, Bofex.
Merkur commercial centre in the vicinity of the entertainment centre, Water City BTC and the multi-storey car park
The new Merkur commercial centre in Hall 17 will be close to Hall 18, which prides itself on BOF, and in its extension the construction of the entertainment centre is expected in April 2004. Merkur already has a shop in Hall A, but its area of 3,000 m2 is simply insufficient for what Merkur has to offer. Rest assured, BTC will bring new products to that part of Hall A where Merkur used to stand. BTC currently has 424 shops. In the vicinity of this new Merkur commercial centre, BTC has already started building Water City, encompassing more than 19,000 m2, while in the first half of next year there will be a multi-storey car park offering a further 800 parking places free of charge. 

Preliminary work under way
Merkur has already started preliminary work for this important investment. The architectural design is being prepared and the beginning of construction works is expected in March 2004 after the building permit is issued. The whole project is set to be completed by the end of June. Although the deadline is very short, Merkur believes the experienced construction workers will be able to complete the project on time.

With this new Merkur centre BTC CITY will encompass an area of 160,748 m2
With the reconstruction of Hall 17 and the opening of the new Merkur commercial centre, BTC CITY will extend over an area of 160,748 m2.
More information about Merkur is available at: www.merkur.si
More information about BTC City is available at: www.btc-city.com or www.btc.si

MERKUR: Merkur plc, Public Relations, Rok Istenič, tel: 04 258 8845, e-mail: rok.istenic@merkur.si
BTC: BTC plc, Public Relations, Maja Oven, tel: 01 585 13 19, e-mail: maja.oven@btc.si