In the Avenue of the Young in BTC City over 400 50-year-olds gathered today, including the Chairman of the BTC Board of Directors, Jože Mermal, and the professional swimmer Martin Strel, to attend the Festival of 50-Year-Olds organised by BTC as part of its celebrations for its 50th anniversary. BTC organised a special birthday party for all of this year’s 50-year-olds wishing to commemorate its jubilee in their company.

As part of the Festival of 50-Year-Olds, the shooting gallery on the Avenue of the Young hosted the 1st National Championship of Archery for 50-year-olds, shooting from a distance of 16 metres. They also demonstrated their precision and skills at a darts tournament. Prizes were awarded by Jože Mermal, Chairman of the BTC Board of Directors. All 50-year-olds and other visitors were entertained by Tone Fornezzi Tof and his Moped Show, the musicians Saša Lendero, Zapeljivke, Blood Rose, Miha Debevec on accordion and Eva Julija Čučnik on cello. 

All entrants – over 400 50-year-olds – received golden memorial medals: 50 BTCHAMPION.

Martin Strel, an exceptional 50-year-old, was up for another surprise – BTC awarded him with a complimentary life ticket to Atlantis Water City, which is due to be opened in March 2005. 


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