Fun All Day Long

On Sunday 12 June 2005, BTC City will host its second ‘Betecejada’. There will be loads of fun for our visitors in eight locations giving you the opportunity to take part in different events; sports, cultural, music and entertainment. You can also try your luck in a big prize game, perhaps after tasting some of the delicious foods offered by our restaurants. With some articles on sale, the shops will also be opened especially for this occasion. Apart from Betecejada in Ljubljana’s BTC City, the Novo mesto and Murska Sobota subsidiaries are organising similar events.

BTC City will put on its second Betecejada on Sunday. From the early morning through to the late evening hours the main stage next to the BTC market will play host to Čuki and the Dixie Šok band who will be in charge of providing some good dancing music. The ‘I Have a Dream’ music show will be performing popular songs by the well-known Swedish group Abba. Following the big prize draw the last group to play and entertain us will be Kingston. Youth Alley is the place for all you sports lovers and we promise it will not be lacking in lively activities. This time they are being organised by the Veter v laseh, šport je življenje, s športom proti drogi movement which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. There will be competitions in basketball, beach volleyball, rollerblading, drawing and dancing. Milan Zver, Ph.D., the Minister of Sports and Education will also attend this event which will feature the national championships in beach volleyball with 10 strong teams competing against each other, accompanied by a DJ and three promising young groups. The Ljubljana Police Administration will present its prevention programme to all visitors to Youth Alley.
We are proud to say that BTC City is running its traditional three-point-shot basketball tournament. This year it will take place on the P4 parking lot next to Hall A. The tournament will be accompanied by acrobatics, hip-hop and breakdance dancers. For the youngest and those young at heart, Children’s World will host a small flying circus, an inflatable castle, a free train and bicycles for the whole family to try their riding skills. This venue will also be enhanced with music.
Real refreshment will be on tap at the Atlantis Water Park. Not only a prize game will be organised there but the new Mercedes B model will also be on display and some lucky family will win the chance to test the car for three months and perhaps go on holidays in it. Those without a fear of heights can try ballooning in the new balloon Ajda 3. Throughout the day Ljubljana’s majorettes and Valvazorjeva konjenica will entertain you on BTC road. And, if you want to test the state of your heart there will be a cardiograph at the main venue next to the BTC market. 

Don’t forget to try the delicious foods on offer at our restaurants at very reasonable prices and to visit the shops open all Sunday that are waiting for you with loads of surprises. 

Bus no. 17 will run for free from Kongresni trg to BTC City for the whole of Sunday. If you want to enter any of the prize competitions, you can find coupons on the day of Betecejada in all shops in BTC City. The prize draw of 21 prizes, with a car being the biggest prize, will be held on the main stage next to the BTC market. Members of the prize committee will include Mitja Petkovšek and Martin Strel. Žurerski vodnik (the party guide) which can be found in BTC City and other towns in the vicinity of Ljubljana gives you all the information you need about how, where and for how much one can spend the day in BTC City.

If Ljubljana is slightly too far away for you, BTC is also organising Betecejada in the Dolenjska region and Prekmurje; in its subsidiaries BTC City Novo mesto and BTC City Murska Sobota. And don’t worry, there will be an attractive programme with music, prize games, entertainment for the youngest and much more. For more information check out our web page

For more information contact: BTC, Marketing Communications and Public Relations Department – Mrs. Maja Oven, tel.: + 386 1 585 13 19, e-mail: maja.oven@btc.s