Having taken into consideration the achieved business results and the implementation of an intensive investment policy in the first half of 2005, both the Management and Supervisory Boards have assessed the first half of the year as being extremely successful. The company earned SIT 4,350,286,000 in revenue from the service sector, which is 4% more than at the same time last year. SIT 482 million was earned from other business activities. There was SIT 1,646,303,000 in profit, 25% higher compared to last year. The net balance amounts to SIT 1,697,950,000, which is 150% more than at the same time last year. This exceptional result is a consequence of a series of important events that have taken place; the stake in Telemach Ltd was successfully sold off, long-term financial obligations were restructured, principal paid out, interest rates and exchange rates lowered as a result of the slower growth of the exchange rate between the euro and the tolar, and Slovenia entered the EMR2 at the end of June 2004. The number of employees has grown by 8.33%. In addition, 56 people were employed at the Atlantis Water Park. This is seen as an important fact, especially since Slovenia is experiencing growth in the unemployment figures.

Besides the good business results, the following projects marked the first half of 2005:

   1.opening of the Atlantis Water Park;
  2.the intensive investment policy; and
  3.transforming the southern part of BTC CITY into a sports and entertainment centre.

1. The Atlantis Water Park
The Atlantis Water Park opened up its doors to the general public on 22 April this year, thereby becoming one of the biggest water parks in the whole of Europe. Approximately 77,000 visitors of all ages, from all walks of life and from all over Slovenia have already visited Atlantis. These include more than 1,000 foreigners. The water park offers loads of adrenalin for the young and the ‘young at heart’. Its 14 indoor and outdoor swimming pools offer excellent swimming facilities. There are 12 saunas, 4 of which are outdoor saunas with their own swimming pool. Water slides, Thai massage, water aerobics, mud baths, salt-and-honey air whirls, and much more are attracting visitors. The water park also offers heaps of relaxation and sports activities, especially for children, such as playgrounds, beach volleyball, an air mattress and a trampoline. The nicely designed interior appeals to all visitors.

2. Intensive investment policy
In the first half of 2005 the company’s investments were worth SIT 1,943,700,000. Besides the Atlantis Water Park, the biggest investments were the following:
HALL A – following Merkur’s relocation to bigger premises in Hall XVII, the beginning of July saw the opening of a new Spar centre. Hall A now prides itself on an improved air conditioning system, which supplies the hall with more air and in extremely hot weather conditions cools it accordingly.
ARENA – 6,900 m2 of Hall XVIII was completely upgraded. The company Kolosej turned it into an entertainment centre with 28 bowling lanes, billiards tables, a laser shooting ground and a solarium. This autumn Arena will host the world cup in bowling. Yet we have not yet seen everything as there will be even more investment in the centre. Being the owner of the hall, BTC took part in the upgrading of infrastructure.
MEGA LET – the upgrading of Hall XII is under way. Three of BTC’s business partners will open a textile goods centre with the emphasis on sports apparel in autumn this year. It will spread over approximately 4,000 m2. Being the owner of the hall, BTC took part in the upgrading of infrastructure.
ZARA- the upgrading of Hall E is also under way. The company’s business partner Magistrat International is designing a new centre which will be opened in December this year. It will sell the renowned Spanish brand Zara. Next year will see the second phase of the hall’s upgrading. It will then have been completely renovated. There will be a covered passage between Emporium and the new Zara centre in Hall E, allowing visitors to shop undisturbed between the two buildings. Being the owner of the hall, BTC took part in the upgrading of infrastructure.
NOVO MESTO SHOPPING CENTRE – Hall B in Novo mesto is being upgraded on the model of Hall A in Ljubljana. Joint premises, toilets, halls with new ceilings, pavements, the lighting system, shop windows and atriums are all being upgraded. The shops’ interiors have also been renovated to give the whole centre a new, fresh and attractive image.

3. The southern part of BTC CITY being transformed into a sports and entertainment centre
BTC CITY’s intention is to provide its visitors and shoppers of all ages with a place where they can combine the pleasure of shopping, sports and fun in the same place. Therefore, the southern part of BTC CITY area was transformed into a sports and entertainment centre. The first project Millenium, which contains a tennis hall, a gym, saunas and badminton, was followed by Kolosej, the first Slovenian multiplex cinema hall. This spring they were joined by the Atlantis Water Park and the Arena entertainment centre. These centres have brought in new kinds of sports and relaxation facilities, enabling visitors to actively spend their free time. There is a variety of options on offer; fun in water, swimming, saunas, massages, bowling, billiards, watching movies etc. Having completed this project BTC CITY has taken a step forward in terms of staying competitive and recognisable, not only as a business, shopping, entertainment, sports and cultural centre, but also as a unique tourist destination. Having completed the Atlantis project that encompasses 365,300 m2, it has become the biggest centre of its kind in the whole of Europe.

For more information contact: BTC, Marketing Communications and Public Relations Department – Mrs. Maja Oven, tel.: + 386 1 585 13 19, e-mail: maja.oven@btc.s