At its session on 27th December 2005, the supervisory board of BTC d.d. evaluated the business results of 2005 very positively. It is estimated that by the year’s end, an income of 8.9 billion SIT will have been reached, with a clear profit of 2.1 billion SIT. Apart from current business results, this amount also represents other business income. Along with its good results, the company has also put into effect an intensive investment policy, which upon the year’s end will reach an amount of 3 billion SIT. The company managed its active financial policy with the goal of decreasing interest rates. At the same time, it successfully sold its shares of Telemach company at the beginning of the year. The number of employees increased by 7% and 200 new employees have been hired due to new investments in the area of BTC CITY as a whole.

Among new investments that have been realised in 2005, the most pertinent is the Atlantis Water Park. With its completion, BTC City has become the largest business, shopping and recreational centre in Europe. In 2005, within the framework of BTC CITY and with the construction of Atlantis, a new sport-recreational quarter came into being. It includes Kolosej, Arena, Milenium and Atlantis with a total area of 45.000 m2. In 2005, investments also went into upgrading the spaces of the shopping centre in Novo mesto, for obtaining to most up-to-date equipment in the fitness centre of the Milenium sports hall, and for upgrading certain programs in the Logistics centre. Together with its partners, the company made possible new projects such as Zara – the world renowned fashion label, a new type of food shop Spar combined with the offer of ready-prepared food in hall A; the textile centre in Hall 12 and the sport-recreational object Arena.

The supervisory board also accepted the company’s business plan for 2006. The planned business income is 9.7 billion SIT, while the planned clear profit is 1.489 billion SIT. The business results in comparison to those of 2005 do not include more extraordinary income and are merely results of current business operations. In the next year, the company estimates investments in amounts between 615 million SIT and 3.8 billion SIT. In the next year, the company will at least make investments towards improving and renovating specific objects and the infrastructure, as well the planning of documentation and plans for the construction of a new business tower and the construction of a midscale hotel between Kolosej in Bratislavska road. If the terms for a larger investment policy are fulfilled, the company will realise or begin the realisation of some new projects such as: Velenje Aqua Park; real-estate purchases and obtaining projects for the construction of an Aqua park in Maribor, construction of an adrenaline park in the outdoor area of Atlantis water park, the arrangement of a new warehouse in Novo mesto, the rearranging of certain objects for new business. BTC will therefore continue intensively investing.

In the coming year, the company will also give more attention becoming more ecological and improving attitude with the environment and will achieve ISO 14001 standard, which demands such measures with which the company will behave more responsibly towards the environment. Investments in 2006 will also go towards information technology in improving web pages, since more and more local and foreign consumers use this media to make their decision to visit is and through this BTC is also becoming a tourist destination. This is an aspect that the company will continue to intensively develop and encourage in the years to come.

Sector for marketing communications and public relations,

Ljubljana, 27th December 2005.