Today, Jože Mermal, president of the BTC management board, extended sponsorship contracts on behalf of BTC with three Slovenian gymnasts – Aljaž Pegan, who won second place on the horizontal bar at last year’s World Championship competition and the World Championship title two years ago, Mitja Petkovšek, who became the European Champion on the parallel bars last year and won the World Championship title in Melbourne the year before, and rhythmic gymnast Mojca Rode,  the 2006 athlete of the year by choice of the Gymnastics Association of Slovenia. In addition to sponsoring the previous gymnasts, BTC also decided to sponsor two promising young competitors, Alen Dimic and Saša Bertoncelj. 


On this occasion, the gymnasts Aljaž Pegan, Mitja Petkovšek and Mojca Rode, and the young and perspective gymnasts Alen Dimic and Saša Bertoncelj gathered in the BTC business building. Together with BTC, they agreed on future cooperation. With support of the young and perspective competitors, they have proven to society that they understand Slovenian top-level gymnastics and its further development. The BTC Company has also extended cooperation with both trainers, Edvard Kolar, M.A., and Jože Mešl. 

Jože Mermal, president of the BTC management board, said on this occasion that athletes are the best ambassadors of their country and of the values of a healthy lifestyle, perseverance and will. »That is why I am extremely proud that, for years, BTC has supported two such exceptional athletes as Mitja Petkovšek and Aljaž Pegan, who up till now have demonstrated with their results that strong will and hard work can bear rich fruit. BTC will continue to support the Slovenian gymnastics because we believe we can expect top-level results in the future only with excellent support. And I am certain we will have many opportunities and occasions to rejoice in the topmost achievements of our competitors.«

Lately, both Mitja Petkovšek and Aljaž Pegan have faced injuries, which have caused them to miss a few training sessions and competitions, but their health conditions are improving. Thus, Mitja Petkovšek, who has won at World Cup competitions on 14 occasions, will take part in the World Cup Competition in Maribor in April, and Aljaž Pegan, who has won 21 times at World Cup competitions, is preparing intensively for the European Championships, which will also take place in Amsterdam this April.


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