From December 1st 2006 to March 21st 2007, the charitable effort of Slovenske novice and the BTC company »I exchange tolars for a warm bed« already raised 7738 euros. The final amount will be known on Saturday, March 3rd 2007, at the final event on the Avenue of Youth in BTC City Ljubljana, which will take place between 10am and 1pm. The organizers will donate the raised funds to animal shelters in Ljubljana, Maribor and Koper. They are also preparing a diverse programme for visitors and their four-legged friends. 

At the transition from tolar to euro, BTC City decided to organize a charitable effort, the basic purpose of which was to help animals in shelters. Containers have been placed in BTC City in Ljubljana (two containers in Dvorana A, Emporium hall, Atlantis Water Park, Merkur, Kolosej, Mr. Pet, Tukano, Studio nege za male živali, hall of the BTC City office tower) and in three clinics for small animals (Tristokosmatih and Prva-K from Ljubljana and Veterinarska ambulanta Jang from Novo mesto). In addition to money contributions, animal lovers can also donate other accessories needed by animals in shelters (blankets, collars, dog dishes, leashes, …), which they can place in containers in the BTC area (Kalia, Zoo Price, Mr. Pet, Tukano) and at the three clinics for small animals (Tristokosmatih and Prva-K from Ljubljana and Veterinarska ambulanta Jang from Novo mesto). 

Since the beginning of the effort, 2780 euros worth of personal donations have been raised in Ljubljana, 262 euros worth in Maribor and 709 euros worth in Koper in addition to the raised funds in containers.

Likewise, the response to the »Long-distance adoption« effort running at the same time was very good. Here, animal lovers were able to adopt an animal, which is either somewhat older, ill or neglected and in need of love. Among the adopters are also Joe Mermal, president of the BTC management board, Marjan Bauer, editor in chief of the Slovenske novice, and Tone Fornezzi Tof who adopted Špela the stork, who has lived in the Maribor shelter for 11 years. Many other animals have also found a new home. The website contains regularly updated information on animals, which have already found a new family, as well as those still looking for one.


Additional information:

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