An investment of 4.7 million EUR

In recent days, BTC City opened the doors of the completely renewed lower floor of the Emporium, whose renovation started in July. The new architectural elements have completely changed the image of the space, providing it with a fresh, modern look. The northern entrance with a high portal and atrium was newly constructed; the interior now features high-class furnishings for the visitors’ comfort and relaxation. All the shops have been planned and furnished anew; among the contributions to the deeper urbanization of the space is also a fountain located near the southern entrance.

The investment into the full-scale renovation of the lower floor of the Emporium amounts to 4.7 million euro. The works according to the design by the architects Ivo Koritnik and Matjaž Pangrc from the Arhe architectural bureau have been carried out over the past four months. The infrastructure of ventilation and air-conditioning, electrical installations and toilet facilities has been set up anew. The lightning of the lower floor of the Emporium has been re-designed in a modern and attractive way.

7000 m2, 25 new shops, a patisserie and a bar

The surface of 7000 square meters now features 25 shops and a patisserie, soon to be joined by the Playa bar owned by Slovene celebrity Jan Plestenjak.

“The lower floor of the Emporium has been renovated as a part of an investment package BTC allocated to ensure greater well-being and shopping comfort for the visitors. To this effect, BTC has been regulating the external infrastructure such as roads, roundabouts, footpaths and green surfaces aimed to humanize the space. In September, BTC also introduced its free CITY BUS, shuttling visitors within the BTC City,” said Damjan Kralj, MA, director of the Ljubljana business unit, who also emphasized that the shops will offer new, modern and competitive product lines.

20 million visitors and over 17,000 m2 of new and renovated commercial venues in BTC City in 2007

BTC City, which received 20 million visitors in 2007, will in this year, either independently or in cooperation with business partners, offer over 17,000 m2 of new and renovated commercial venues (Lower level of the Emporium, Giga Sport, Alimex Ceramics Centre, Baby Centre, Casino Rio, Soba bar on the Alley of the Young, commercial venues in Hall 7, Diagnostic centre Clarus, BMW training centre, a beauty salon and a new outdoor children’s pool in Atlantis, etc.). Total investment into the growth and development of the company in the year 2007 is estimated at 10 million euro.

A broad range of products are available in the Lower level of the Emporium

In the renovated lower floor, visitors can find products ranging from underwear in the Galeb-svet perila and Centromerkur shops to textiles, clothing, sports equipment and shoes. A broad selection of the latter can be found in the Adessa, Čar, Urban Republic, Maya Maya, Turbo Center and Shoxxes shops. The goods available include technical equipment from the 5pik shop, furnishings (F-Ambienti, Izi mobili, Pohištvo Forma, Stolček, istrian house Svetlin Interier) and home décor (Tendence, Odeja and Bavaria Woltex Company). Also of interest are shops specializing in spending free time – fishing and hunting enthusiasts will find what they need in Pravi ribič and Lovski mojster shops, whereas modelling fans will find the same in Mladi tehnik. The broad range of shops features accessories (Target), fabrics by the yard (Kilometer) and leather and fur items (Utva). The offerings are supplemented by the Salon KAMN – Hair Construction hair salon and Galerija Grad patisserie, as well as by a large shop for children Turbo Limač, offering both clothes and toys for the youngest. The shop also features a Be My Teddybear playroom, where the children will be able to design their own toys.

Exhibition of outline solutions for the new commercial high-rise and a hotel

Until Christmas, the Lower level of the Emporium will feature the exhibition of outline solutions for the new business high-rise and a hotel, together with a model of BTC City incorporating the new projects. The exhibition was previously set up for public viewing in the atrium of the Magistrate of the Municipality of Ljubljana from November 7 – 12. The exhibition places emphasis on the endeavours of BTC to enrich and humanize the space, increasing its urban qualities, and thus promotes the great importance of the newly designed atmosphere of the Lower level of the Emporium.

The Lower level of the Emporium will host a special visitor-dedicated day on November 15. The shops will offer special discounts throughout the day, and an entertainment programme featuring Monika Pučelj, Oksana Pečeny and Dana Petretič will begin at 5 pm.

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