From today on, BTC City is richer due to a special sculpture entitled “Fair Mornings”, dedicated to the young. The author is the renowned Croatian sculptor Joakim Gregov.

The bronze sculpture measures 3 by 3 meters and depicts the play of 8 children and youngsters in the process of growing up. It is one of the larger sculptures installed in public space in 2007 and contributes to greater humanization and spatial culture, one of the common goals of the Municipality of Ljubljana and BTC.

Every year, BTC provides holiday cheer in December, focused first and foremost on gift-giving and celebrating, spreading happiness especially among the youngest. This year, BTC is preparing a special surprise: the December events will start on St. Nicholas’ Day (December 5) with a unique gift intended for children and the younger generations. During the parade of St. Nicholas, the sculpture by the renowned Croatian artist Joakim Gregov entitled “Fair Mornings” will be uncovered at 7pm on the square between Hall A and the market.

Joakim Gregov, born in 1952 on Pašman Island, serves as a priest in the Franciscan monastery on Hvar and works as a sculptor, restorer and theologian. He acquired the title of Sculptor after completing his studies in Rome. He has an extensive art opus and produces his works in his native Croatia, as well as in Germany, Italy, the USA and Canada. One of his latest, well-received exhibitions carried the symbolic title Embrace of the Sea Wave. Sculptures such as Prometheus, Grape Picker, Fisherman, Heron, Fair Morning and others, like Medjugorje Cross, St. Nicholas, Pieta, etc., signify that the artist delves into various human situations and searches for inspiration in the historic tradition, in heroic compositions charged with patriotic sentiment, as well as in sacral themes.

The gala uncovering of the “Fair Mornings” sculpture will be attended by Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana, Jože Mermal, Board President of BTC d.d., Joakim Gregov, the artist, several prominent representatives of the business sphere, as well as by children and youngsters.

Jože Mermal, Chairman of the BTC, d.d. Management Board, is aware of the social responsibility and the importance of such and similar projects for the development of BTC City and the well-being of its citizens. He emphasizes that we were all once children and that the sculpture in question depicts the play of children and youngsters, thus reflecting the development of BTC City, which went through all such phases – from children’s play to mature and well-considered decisions. The sculpture and its message should invoke love, tolerance and a focus towards a brighter future.

Mr. Mermal emphasized that the artwork strengthens the ties between the city and its inhabitants, not only in the economic and political sense, but especially in the cultural, social and creative senses, and it continues to strengthen warm and noble human relations. _______________________________________________________
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