The first season of SiTi Teater BTC will begin with the premiere of the comedy “300 kosmatih” on 16 October in Mercurius BTC Hall. SiTi Teater BTC signifies a step forward for the existing Teater Komedija BTC, which had successfully operated for 8 year under the guidance of the theatrical artist Polona Vetrih, who will now also be joined by the actor Uroš Fürst.

During this time, a number of well received comedies had been performed on the stage of Mercurius Hall, and the viewers were entertained by the acting greats from the Slovenian theatre scene, from the legendary Polona Vetrih, Milena Zupančič, Jožica Avbelj, Ivo Ban, Janez Hočevar-Rifle to the actors of the younger generation, such as Mojca Funkl, Barbara Cerar and Gregor Bakovič.

For this season, SiTi Teater BTC theatre artists, under the leadership of artistic directors Polona Vetrih and Uroš Fürst and the producer Ana Kajzer, are preparing a rich programme of fresh comedies and famous plays which will entertain the audience both on the stage of SiTi Teater and on tours across Slovenia.

The door of the renovated SiTi Teater will open on 16 February with the premiere of the comedy 300 kosmatih, which will introduce three excellent young actors – Saša Mihelčič, Andrej Murenc and Uroš Potočnik – directed by Žanina Mirčevska. The idea for the play, whose central theme is behaviour patterns of Slovenians, was given by the artistic director Polona Vetrih. The purpose of the play is to answer the questions of who we are, what we are like, how we differ from others and how this is reflected in Slovenian myths and legends, whether this concerns our virtues or flaws, and of course, in a humourous way.

In this season, in addition to the comedy 300 kosmatih, the audience will be also able to see the hit Berlin play Laži, ampak pošteno with Borut Veselko, which will first be staged in November, as well as famous theatre hits such as Shirley Valentine, Orka, Jamski človek and Kolumbovo jajce. The theatre will also host Pia Zemljič and Primož Pirnat in the new comedy Ona+On; the season’s programme will be additionally enriched with theatre and musical shows, such as Greva se ježka, Piaf Edit Piaf and Od tišine do glasbe, as well as concert evenings and a children’s programme.

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