As the 2008 edition of the “Best Slovenian Swimming Centre” contest, which has been going on for more than a decade and a half under the auspices of the tourist information website and the radio show “Dobro jutro, Slovenija”, Water Park Atlantis received the crystal sculpture of a mermaid and was awarded the title “Best Slovenian Swimming Centre 2008” in the category of water parks for the fourth year in a row.

The contest “Best Slovenian Swimming Centre” went on for 21 weeks between May and October, almost 30,000 votes were received during this time, and the votes went to  98 different Slovenian swimming centres.

In the category of water parks, visitors awarded the largest number of votes to Water Park Atlantis. Atlantis convincingly won with 63.3 % of all votes in its category, making it the most convincing win among all winners.

Water Park Atlantis offers three thematic modules (Adventure World with a Children’s Area, Thermal Temple and Sauna Land), which are interconnected and spread over two levels. Each module has its own architectural image and theme. Water Park Atlantis offers 15 pools (six larger pools, six special-purpose pools and three pools for children) and 14 saunas (steam sauna, alpine sauna, panoramic sauna, earth sauna, mine sauna, sanarium sauna, large Finnish sauna, mud sauna, laconium sauna, eucalyptus sauna …).

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