BTC City, a vast open space, allows us a wider understanding of our surroundings, including  the people who need our help.

This is the reason we have decided to buy a lace tablecloth for a dining table together with six table napkins and a napkin for a bread basket, made by bobbin lace makers from Ljubljana, from the City Museum of Ljubljana. The tablecloth is one of its kind, and 25 pairs of hands of bobbin lace makers needed more than 450 hours to make it.

1,500 EUR were given for the tablecloth, and the City Museum of Ljubljana will donate this money to charity, more particularly to Shelter House Palčica from Grosuplje.

CHILD CRISIS CENTRE Shelter House Palčica is a development pilot project aimed at children for whom the competent Social Work Centre determines urgent removal from threatening environments in order to protect them and their interests, where immediate but short-term placement in care is essential.

The project was created for children aged from 0 to 6 years, during the preschool period, and the stay in Palčica is limited to three weeks. During this time the competent Social Work Centre finds an appropriate foster family, or the child can also return home if domestic circumstances normalize during this time.

Shelter House Palčica accepts children from all over Slovenia, and the Social Work Centre places the child in professional care on the legal basis of the Social Assistance Act, the Marriage and Family Relations Act and the Administrative Procedure Act.

Shelter House Palčica also conducts a youth crisis centre programme for children and young people who feel threatened in their environments. They can seek professional help at a safe location at any time, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, by themselves. The Youth Crisis Centre operates in accordance with provisions governing the operation of crisis centres which require a voluntary approach, a maximum stay of 21 days, acceptance of house rules, notifying the parents of the child’s stay, cooperation with the Social Work Centre and school attendance.