The company has operated very successfully in the past year, and revenues amounting to 51,440,000 EUR have exceeded 50 million euros for the first time, which is a 13 % increase over the year before. Net profit will be approximately 90 % higher than in 2007. The successful sale of some financial assets also contributed to the good results. The company operated successfully in all sectors, especially logistics where revenues in comparison to the previous period increased by 21 per cent, and at the beginning of February the Director of Logistics received Slovenia’s highest recognition in logistics, the Logistics Person of the Year 2008, for the high quality of services and comprehensive information support to all brand groups. In December, Water Park Atlantis welcomed its one millionth visitor, recorded 15 % more visitors and was once again declared the best swimming centre in Slovenia.

The company has a stable cash flow and, with secured long-term financial funds, is financially solid. Despite the economic recession, the company plans 4.6 % revenue growth, primarily due to the fact that investments in the past years have been principally focused on leisure time activities and significantly less to expanding stores inside the shopping centre.

In 2008, the company carried out investments amounting to 7.6 million EUR, resulting in new additional and fresh programmes, such as Diagnostic Centre Clarus with more than 15 diagnostic departments; Educational Centre BMW; a complete renovation of Big Bang stores; Dance Studio Plesna zvezda; new entertainment centre in Murska Sobota: etc. Moreover, BTC d.d. is extensively preparing for new development by establishing, together with a business partner, a new company for construction and management of the new high-rise office building called Kristalna palača (Crystal Palace). All consent for the 20-floor, architecturally attractive, multipurpose office building with a helipad on the roof and exterior panoramic lifts have already been given, whereas the building permit will probably be obtained at the end of March. As part of the Šmartinka Partnership, together with the Municipality of Ljubljana, Kristalna palača will be presented at the largest European real-estate fair in Cannes, France, next week.

On the basis of successful business operations in 2008, employees of BTC d.d received additional salary as an award, and the company plans to continue with this payment trend in 2009, as it is positively shown by the already realized good financial results already achieved in the first two months of this year.

Dividend policy will generally follow trends from previous years, and the projected dividend for 2008 will amount to at least 9.30 EUR per share and will be thus perhaps slightly higher than in the previous year. This will be discussed and determined by the Supervisory Board when adopting the audited annual report.

 In 2009, BTC d.d. is celebrating 55 years of existence.

BTC d.d., Department for Market Communications and Public Relations, Šmartinska 152, 1533 Ljubljana.

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