On Thursday at 10 am, 12 March 2009, the opening of an exhibition featuring creations made of scrap materials under the slogan “Kličemo pomlad” (Calling Spring) will take place in the basement of Emporium department store in BTC CITY in Ljubljana. The exhibition is organized by three Slovenian eco schools (Primary School Zalog, Primary School Zadobrova and Primary School Šentvid) together with BTC. Primary school Dr. Ivan Prijatelj from Sodražica will also be participating. Pupils will exhibit creations made of scrap materials, including paper, plastic, cardboard, fabric, etc. Scrap materials can be also an excellent source for artistic creations. The exhibition will be open until 9 April 2009.

The main purpose of such an exhibition is to strengthen the awareness and significance of a clean and healthy environment for people and nature. With the exhibition we wish to show how it is possible to create interesting and useful things from scrap materials with a little bit of imagination. This is yet another way BTC d.d. wishes to raise awareness of the wider public and influence our environment. We have designed a long-term project “Zeleno je moje mesto” (My City Is Green), and you can find events, suggestions and instructions from the field of environmental protection on the website www.zelenojemojemesto.si. In addition, we have set up disposal sites for the separate collection of waste, where paper, packaging waste, plastic and other waste are collected in the BTC CITY area. Each year we organize the collection of waste paper and donate the proceeds to charity. Materials collected separately will be reprocessed, and this will lessen the burden on landfill sites, preserve natural resources and reduce energy consumption.

For further information contact: BTC d.d., Ljubljana, Vanda Bernetič, Marketing Events Organizer, Department for Market Communications and Public Relations; tel.: 01 585 13 28, e-mail: vanda.bernetic@btc.si