*IKP 2009 – “In the broadest sense of the word, ‘innovative human resource practices’ projects and approaches refer to concrete projects and activities characterised by a fresh, different or innovative approach in the field of employee development, recruitment, organisational adjustment, communication with employees, transfer of knowledge and best practices, new administrative solutions, simplification of human resource procedures, motivating the employees in the company and institution, etc.”

The expert committee selected five finalists among all participating applicants.

BTC d.d. 

Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d. 

OZARA storitveno in invalidsko podjetje  

Si.mobil d.d. 

Telekom Slovenije

Si.mobil Company was awarded the most innovative human resource practice.

The expert committee consisted of: Brane Gruban, ABC (Accredited Business Communicator), Vlado Dimovski, PhD, Department of Management and Organisation, Faculty of Economics Ljubljana; Valentina Franca, PhD, Faculty of Management Koper; Violeta Bulc, MSc, PMBA, Vibacom; and Edita Krajnović, MSc, Mediade.

In 2009, the following criteria were chosen based on the experience with the 2008 selection:

-innovation, originality of the innovative HR practice;

-comprehensiveness of the approach (holistic approach);

-integration of basic managerial elements: the knowledge of goal setting and measurement of effects, the scope of employees or stakeholders involved in the innovative HR practice or integration in the company’s development, strategic goals, vision or values;

-further possibilities for the growth/development of the innovative HR practice and/or applicability to other environments.

17 projects were instituted this year

This year, 14 companies presented their innovative human resource practices in 17 projects. Considering the objective set, in which priority was given to quality and not quantity, this is an excellent result. The companies participated with projects on innovative communication, portals, responsibility regarding the environment and employees, innovative integration within the company, employee meetings, management suitability and much more.

The BTC Company participated with its Ideas with a Vision project

The project entitled “Ideas with a Vision” is aimed at effective integration of innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the company’s entire business model. The innovation primarily originated from the actual need for increasing the level of company innovation, and secondarily from the need for stronger (employee) integration on the horizontal and vertical levels, faster transfer of initiatives into practice and the recognition of creative employees wishing to contribute to the company’s development.

In the opinion of the expert committee, the project’s originality is evident, among others, in the possibility of involving the company’s internal and external stakeholders in the project, in cross-structural cooperation, in strong communication support that introduces innovative communication principles, in the speed of implementing the received ideas – each proposal discussed by the committee is  immediately included in the implementation plan – and, last but not least, in the support of the project by the company’s top management.

According to the applicant’s data, the objectives clearly set within Ideas with a Vision have been more than achieved: the objective of at least 10 received proposals was exceeded by 80%, while the objective of at least 20% or 2 realised proposals was exceeded by 95%. Although no accurate data is available for other objectives yet, as some proposals are still in the implementation phase, the project exhibits a strong innovative orientation both in the sense of employee development as well as for organisational culture as a whole.