On 19 March 2009, the business unit Logistics Centre BTC obtained a certificate to allow the company to store and distribute eco-products from Bureau Veritas, the authorized company for quality, health, safety and environment management. The obtained certificate confirms and permits storage and distribution of the following product groups: plants and products of plant origin, animals and products of animal origin and processed products.

Obtaining the certificate is especially important in the sense that BTC has thus fulfilled the requirements imposed by the European Union that are prescribed by the provisions of normative documents (Regulation of the Council of European Communities No. 834/2007, Implementing Regulation of the Commission of the European Communities No. 889/2008 on organic production and labelling of organic products, and Rules on organic production and processing of agricultural products and/or foods – Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 128/2006).

The aforementioned regulations and norms specify the correct labelling of eco-products and their declaration and separation from other products; the regulations and norms also specify standards of cleanliness for spaces in which eco-products are being stored and handled, the risks regarding pollution and environment influences, as well as define the method for monitoring eco-products and their appropriate documentation, record-keeping and recording.