In these days BTC City Market is celebrating its 15 years of existence. We are inviting all the visitors to join us on Saturday, 10th April, between 9am and 2pm, as we are organizing the Festival of Slovene foods, where visitors will be treated to magnificent Slovene foods, which have been everyone’s favourites since forever.

The Festival of Slovene foods will take place on Saturday, 10th April, from 9am to 2pm at the south parking place of BTC City Market, where visitors will be taken on an educational culinary journey across the Slovene regions, as local culinary specialties will be presented by culinary societies from all Slovene regions. The region of Prekmurje will present its traditional gibanica (layer cake with apples, poppy seeds, cottage cheese and walnuts), Štajerska its Chicken a la Ptuj, Gorenjska will make you go “wow” with Kranjska klobasa, roast potatoes, soured milk and cottage cheese, Notranjska with cheese,  potica and cottage cheese, Kras and Tolmin will offer magnificent Idrijski Žlikrofi and Bela krajina the traditional bread “Belokranjska pogača”.  You will also be able to enjoy wines from different Slovene regions. 

Alongside the culinary extravaganza and wine degustation there will also be a vivid entertainment programme, hosted by Simona Vodopivec Franko and Tone Fornezzi and it will include singing of Slovene folk songs, harmonica playing, the performance by the Cultural art society Selo pri Šumberku and the group Max Band, plus lots more.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations