On Thursday April 22, the Atlantis Water Park is to celebrate its fifth birthday. On this occasion numerous events will take place at the Atlantis Water Park which has in the course of five years attracted more than 1.5 million visitors. Those who intend to visit Thermal Temple and Sauna Land are up for many spa surprises and also, for the very first time in Slovenia, a cultural event will be held in Thermal Temple. On Saturday April 24, the youngest generation can join in a celebration in Thermal Temple involving a wide-ranging entertainment and musical programme along with prize games and a giant birthday cake. The Atlantis Water Park welcomes more than 30000 children in school groups each year and 20000 children per year choose to celebrate their birthdays at this location.

The Atlantis Water Park, the five-time consecutive winner of “The top water park” title within “The top Slovenian spa” competition as voted by its visitors, as well as being awarded “The top wellness” title two times, has become the centre of social life in Ljubljana in the course of five years. It has thus staged several events, from simple birthday parties for the youngest crowd, news conferences, educational training or team building, to prestigious events, such as Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Bernarda Marovt’s Supermodel or Cosmopolitan party.

The Atlantis Water Park is considered as one of the largest indoor water parks in Europe. It encompasses 16 swimming pools (six large, four children’s and six special-purpose swimming pools), in other words they cover over 1800 m² of water surface, and 15 saunas. Apart from this, the Atlantis Water Park also offers its visitors three thematic modules: Adventure World, Sauna Land and Thermal Temple, which are all connected by two floors, with each having its own architectural and themed image.