General manager of HSE d.o.o., Borut Meh, the president of BTC d.d. Management, Jože Mermal and the manager of Invest d.o.o., Jože Ferme have today signed a three-partitive deal on constructing a solar power plant with the capacity of 900kWp and the foreseen annual production of 1 million kWh. The project was ordered by BTC Company, the contractor Solar Invest, while Holding Slovenske Elektrarne is foreseen as a guarantee.

One of the biggest solar power plants in Slovenia will be based on the rooftop of two buildings of the Logistic Centre BTC alongside the street Letališka cesta in Ljubljana, covering the surface of 13.000 square metres. The investment, for which BTC gained a 15 year long-term bank loan, is worth 2.2 million Euros. The project will come to a close in October 2010, when the general as well as the expert public, and the media will be invited to the opening.

With the solar power plant the burdens on the environment will reduce for around 630 tons of carbon dioxide, which represents one of the most important steps in realizing the goals that BTC set within the Ecoindex project, the main goal of which was to reduce the burdening of the environment. BTC Company is also building the Crystal palace in BTC City Ljubljana, which should be built by spring 2011. This is a project, within which the constructors followed the principles of energetic efficiency, seeing that a solar power plant with 100kWp power will be located on one of the of facades the Crystal palace.

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Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations