On Saturday, 22nd May, and on Sunday, 23rd May, there will be the 13th annual Festival of shopping and fun taking place in BTC City Ljubljana, which will also mark 20 years since the opening of the first store in BTC City Ljubljana. Due to this great anniversary, shops will offer special sales and benefits, while organizers will prepare a rich accompanying programme, including sport activities, musical performances, children’s programmes, prize-giving contests, etc. Programmes will take place on several locations, as the main happening will be in the square between hall A and BTC Market, while other events will take place in the square Trg mladih, on the lower floor of Emporium hall and in SiTi Theatre BTC.

The main event will take place in the square between hall A and the Market, where the programme will last throughout the whole day both on Saturday and on Sunday. Organizers are planning different prize-giving contests, a presentation of preventive activities of the Police Directorate of Ljubljana, a fashion show of summer trends as well as various activities for children on the Štork playground Baby center. On Saturday, 22nd May, at 7pm Rebeka Dremelj will perform, followed by a big concert by Željko Joksimović at 8pm. On Sunday, 23rd May, several folk music groups will perform, and at 5pm the singer Samuel Lucas will raise to the feet especially the younger generation.
Trg mladih will be taken over by the soccer fever, as we will organize soccer matches of three players in each team, played on soft sand, as well as a VIP tournament of threes and other soccer activities. On the lower floor of the Emporium hall we will set up a “star corner” with radio hosts Polona Požgan and Sašo Papp, who will interview several Slovene stars.

SiTi theatre BTC will on Saturday at 6pm host the festival “Otroške zvezdice” (Children’s stars), the fifth international musical festival for children and youngsters. On Sunday, at 8pm the theatre will be a setting for the monocomedy with Borut Veselko in the leading role, titled “Laži, ampak pošteno” (Lie, but honestly).

BTC City Ljubljana is the biggest business, shopping, recreative, entertainment and cultural centre in Slovenia, and one of the biggest in Europe. BTC City Ljubljana has 21 million visitors from Slovenia and abroad each year.

Festival sponsors are: Zavarovalnica Triglav, Mobitel, Baby Center and Optika Clarus.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations