The multimedia children’s show “Prava princeska” (True Princess) was made in the coproduction of SiTi theatre BTC, Šentjakob theatre and the Cultural society Kult. At the premiere, where children’s energy was felt all around, the show enraptured the public with its entertaining interactive show, vivid animations and excellent music.

You may know “True Princess” from popular children’s books and cds published by Oka. The show is directed by Uroš Fürst, with performances by Kaja Pečnik, Petra Šabič and David Dolamič. The story develops around a little girl Mili and her everyday troubles and her fantasy world, to which visitors are introduced with original animations and regarding genre very diverse musical bases. “True Princess” is a complete omnibus of Slovene talents, among which we have to mention Murat&Jose, Jurij Zrnec, Severa Gjurin, Drago Ivanuša, Igor Leonardi, Maya, Matej Lavrenčič, Zu, Tina Avšič, Andrej Kamnik, Živa Moškrič, Igor Ugowsky, Jaka Kramberger, etc.

The premiere at SiTi theatre BTC was visited also by the president of BTC Management, Jože Mermal, who came to the show with his grandson. The show was also a big hit among children of some other famous Slovenes.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations