On Saturday, 20th November, the Academy Subrina Professional, which has brought world trends in Slovenia and significantly affected the development of hairstyling in Slovenia, opened its doors in BTC City Ljubljana, in the presence of the Minister for Sport, Igor Lukšič, PhD, the member of the management of Ilirija, Bojan Rogač, MA, and the president of BTC management Jože Mermal.  The newly equipped and technologically perfected rooms will enable further schooling and practical work to bigger groups of hairstylists.

Minister Lukšič expressed his content on the opening by saying: “Platon opened the first academy where philosophers taught kings. At that time they thought that dealing with hair was an activity of commoners, but today we all know, that it is an activity of upper classes. Aristocracy wanted to show its eccentricity even with hair styles. The activity of styling hair doesn’t demand only hand skills but also knowledge and sensibility. Today hair is an important part of each individual’s image. Hairstyling is a demanding activity, which brings me even more pleasure because we are opening this true European centre, this Academy right here in Slovenia.

“The opening of new contemporary offices and other spaces represents an additional possibility of further development of hairdressing in Slovenia. That is also why the Academy Subrina Professional decided to donate 50.000 Euros for the development and education of hairdressers to hairdressing schools in Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Celje, Sevnica and Koper. In its history the Academy Subrina Professional helped many Slovene prestigious hairstylists on their path to success, by employing them in its educational programme as well as with high quality products” said Bojan Rogač, MA, the member of the management of Ilirija, which is the owner of the trademark Subrina Professional. Subrina Professional is present in Canada, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Russia and elsewhere.

BTC company is also pleased with the opening of the Academy Subrina Professional. “Academy Subrina Professional in BTC City Ljubljana contributes to a more extensive offer as well as a new activity, with which BTC also ascertains its own developmental aims. BTC is always trying to improve in giving its visitors a heterogeneous and vivid offer of all products in one place, which is also one of the developmental mottos of BTC City. That is also why we are always happy when such a grand addition enriches our offer” said Jože Mermal, the president of BTC management.

The Academy covers more than 200 square metres and gives hairdressers everything they need in their theoretical and practical education. Because of its spaciousness, a great number of equipment, stage and parking places in front of the hall, the academy is also suitable to host larger groups of domestic and foreign hairdressers. Every hairdresser who strives for new knowledge will have the chance to absorb it during various seminars such as “Fashion hairdressing”, “Fashion hair- dying”, “Theory of the colour circle”, “The issue of grey hair” and many other seminars and workshops. Hairstylists present at the opening can hardly wait to participate in the first seminar of this new fascinating Academy.

Anybody, who demands only the best from his or her own hairdresser, can just as easily come to the Academy, as this is also the home of the new trendy hairdressing salon HairSpa, which will guarantee you a new and refreshed image.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations