On Wednesday February 16th at 11am the Slovene Science Foundation and BTC Company will open the “Paleolithic hunters’ shrine” exhibition in the Emporium foray. The author of the exhibition is Boštjan Odar PhD. The exhibition will be on display until March 16th.

The coordinators of the exhibition wish to present new perspectives and interpretations of the Ice age cave sites among which are also the caves Divje babe I and Potočka zijavka. Both of them are situated in remote areas but, despite their inaccessibility due to steep slopes, they offer important discoveries about the relationship the Paleolithic people had towards cave bears. 

The “Paleolithic hunters’ shrine” exhibition emphasises the fact that the Paleolithic people in South-Eastern Alps used to visit the caves that were inhabited by cave bears. This dangerous behaviour shows the special relationship between people and cave bears at that time. In the Divje babe I and Potočka zijavka caves there were also some sharps and bony whistles made of cave bear bones found whereas in Potočka zijavka they found a unique tube needle which is supposed to be the oldest found sewing object in the entire world.

The “Paleolithic hunter’s shrine” exhibition is a part of a long-term project called “Science in BTC City” which was designed by the Slovene Science Foundation and BTC Company in 2009 in order to promote the awareness of the developmental role of science in the society. Until now there were two exhibitions connected to the project; the Jure Stare exhibition of the astrophotography “The uncovered views of the secret universe” (the exhibition was opened by Sunita L. Williams, the astronaut of the American universe agency NASA of Slovene-Indian descent) and the exhibition by Nejc Jelen PhD “Our genome and us”.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector