At the traditional gala academy on “Thanksgiving day” of the Slovene Scientific Foundation, which took place on Thursday, 16th December, BTC company received the award “Zlati donator” (Gold Donator) for its cooperation in donating towards the project “Znanost v BTC Cityu” (Science in BTC City), with which BTC became one of the greatest supporters of the Slovene Scientific Foundation. On behalf of the company the award was accepted by the Director of the sector for organization, development and new media, Franci Malis.

BTC and the Slovene Scientific Foundation have been cooperating since 1994, the year when the Foundation was established. In 2009 both partners designed a long-term project “Znanost v BTC Cityu” (Science in BTC City), with which they wanted to emphasize the meaning of the developmental role of science within the society. As part of the project, BTC City was also the right setting for two exhibitions “Kozmična fotografija” (Cosmic photography) and “Genom”. Soon BTC City will also host the exhibition “Svetišče paleolitskih lovcev” (Sanctuary of Paleolithic hunters).
The Slovene Scientific Foundation didn’t hand only awards to the donators, but also the award “Prometej znanosti” for excellency in communicating as well as awards as recognitions to all the sponsors and partners for successful cooperation in the business year 2010.

The Slovene Scientific Foundation gives out awards for excellency in communicating, awards and recognitions to donators, sponsors and partners of the foundation for their help in realizing their joint mission, annually at the gala academy on “Thanksgiving day”. The awards are intended for excellent communicators of science from the field of Slovene researchers, professors, journalists and writers of popular and scientific literature. They are intended for individuals as well as groups, who have in the past year excelled in efficient, persuasive or interesting communication.

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Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations