On Thursday January 19th an exhibition will be opened on the lower floor of the Emporium hall in BTC City Ljubljana. The exhibition will include creations that had been made during the competition called “Children creating bird houses”. Ljubljana’s primary school children and BTC Company will exhibit bird houses made of waste materials. There were 18 schools from the Ljubljana City Municipality included in the competition that started in September of last year, which adds up to 350 students. Bird houses from waste materials will be on display until February 19th.

Primary school children will be able to express their environmental awareness in the shape of useful bird house models made of different waste materials. They will prove creativity knows no boundaries and also show how waste materials can be reused. The young students will address the wider public with their creativity and with that emphasise the responsible attitude toward the environment and toward dealing with waste.

The jury will choose the winning solutions among all the models of original bird houses gathered according to: originality, quality of technical execution or durability, visuality, use of different waste materials and how appropriate and useful a bird house can actually be – for the protection and feeding of birds. Those who will receive the highest amount of points will be awarded practical prizes. The programme at the opening of the exhibition and the prize ceremony will take place on Thursday January 19th at 12am. There will also be a programme with children and a presentation of all the winning models.

The most beautiful bird houses will be exhibited on the lower floor of the Emporium hall in BTC City Ljubljana from January 19th until February 19th 2012.

BTC Company thus continues with its efforts to protect the environment. BTC Company has even started a business model called Ecoindex which measures the direct effects of the company’s environmental and ongoing projects. BTC Company has been awarded the best innovative business model for the Ecoindex model by the Public agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI) at the Slovene Forum of Innovations. The results of making an effort for the environment have been presented via the environmental portal www.eko-btc.si where you can also find all other environmental and ongoing activities of BTC Company.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector