The first Conference on Modern Challenges of International Environment Protection organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana will take place between June 28 and June 29, 2012.

Conference topics will cover questions of International and European Law on environment protection, climate change, sea and ocean protection, biodiversity, as well as the human right to a clean and healthy environment. The conference will represent an opportunity for all law experts to take part in an interdisciplinary academic discussion with the invited distinguished scientists from the field of environment protection. This will also be an opportunity to evaluate the results of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20.

The core of the BTC Company’s sustainable development is the ecoindex model.

The BTC Company developed its own business model ecoindex, which can be used to evaluate direct effects of company’s activities on the environment. The ecoindex values are published on the publically accessible web-portal These values are an encouragement and a motivational factor towards more responsible actions.
The ecoindex value is a constituent part of the annual business plan of the Company. The evaluation and development of ecoindex is in the hands of a team composed of experts from the fields of sales, public relations, development, organisation and controlling. The team acquires data about the project and evaluates it, as well as prepares the report for the management, which inspects and confirms it. The ecoindex value is regarded as one of the key criteria for evaluating the success rate of the company.