In 2012, Kline & Partner has, like several years before, carried out a research to determine the business reputation of companies and managers. Results have shown that the BTC Company and the President of its Management Board both have an important role in Slovenian business. The BTC Company was ranked 14th among all Slovenian companies, while the president of BTC Management Board took the 9th place among the most distinguished Slovenian managers.

The fact that both, the BTC Company and the president of its Management Board, are among the most renowned in Slovenia, is a reflection of the company’s excellent management, as regards both the field of strategic and sustainable development as well as relations with business partners.

In the researchers’ opinion, this year the ranking of companies was significantly affected by their capability to adjust to the economic crisis and was also influenced by the quality and inventiveness of their offer, managerial visions and abilities, financial effectiveness, care for employees, social responsibility and other factors. The reputation of a company also importantly affects the reputation of each manager who is in charge of a specific company. The research includes 800 representatives of big, medium and small companies.