BTC Company Management has decided to take another step in the direction of sustainable development and launch the strategic project Mission: Green.

All of us who co-create BTC Company and live with it know very well that the company’s development has always been based on social responsibility, which includes participating in all the so-called green or eco activities. That is why we developed the unique business model ecoindex some years ago, which is used to evaluate the effects of our actions on the environment and which has also won the award for the most innovative business model.

This year, BTC Company Management decided to take another step in this direction and launch the strategic project Mission: Green. With it, BTC City, the biggest Slovenian business, shopping, entertainment, recreational and cultural centre, recognizable also in the wider European context, is becoming a very important driving force in the green transformation of society. The plans are ambitious but realistic – with our actions, we shall gradually encourage sustainable thinking and acting in our business partners and customers alike.

Together with the marketing agency specializing in sustainable development, Fit media d.o.o., we have composed a wholesome story to present our own work in the field of sustainable development and, more importantly, to include society at large in it. We summed it up in two words: mission and green. The word mission connotes action, boldness, courage, endurance, and cooperation. The colour green symbolizes hope and growth, as well as regeneration and the future – in short, everything that is nature-friendly, environment-friendly.

The goal of the mission is GREEN in all segments. In the long run, the story of Mission: Green is open-ended enough to envelop short-term goals and efforts, while it also enables us to form partnerships on all levels of our endeavour. Mission: Green means relentless and active progression towards our goal. We are launching the project Mission: Green in BTC City Ljubljana.

The mission includes investment decisions which are necessary for a greener BTC City, the promotion of green products and services, encouraging green consumerism and raising public awareness of the importance of green values and actions.

An important part of the story are the so-called green agents, who contribute to the mission each in their own way. A green agent can be anyone who is prepared to act in the interest of a friendlier environment and green development. Green agents are BTC employees, business partners, customers and all those who act green and motivate others with their actions. Green agents are climbing plants (ivy), because they cleanse the air and give a nice green tinge to the surroundings, green agents are trees, which process CO² and create a more natural environment, green agents are also animals.

The driving force behind the mission is of course BTC Company, which will lead and steer by example. The fruits of the first steps taken are already visible. You may have noticed the new green plants on the western and eastern sides of Hall A. BTC Company decided to plant the evergreen ivy, which can take in considerable amounts of CO² and thus make an important contribution to the purification of air. Numerous posters encouraging people to act green also attract public attention. In order to promote walking in the city, we set down the first part of the green footpath, which is to be extended in the future. We urge our visitors to use our car park and ride on the free-of-charge City bus. Numerous waste containers communicate our commitment to waste separation, since waste is also an important material to be processed for further use.

With the project Mission: Green, we want to attract as many green agents as possible

We invite you to look into the first efforts made as part of Mission: Green and become an active green agent yourself. Being a good example to others counts! Your advice on how to persuade as many business partners, customers, and others to become green agents is also valued and very much welcome.

This is our joint mission!