This year the BTC Logistics Centre replaced the obsolete and energy-inefficient lighting, which should save 524 180 kWh of electric energy per year. The current lightning system will be replaced with a more economical one in BTC City shopping centres  in Ljubljana, Novo mesto and Murska Sobota, saving 305 348 kWh of electricity per year.

Over the past few years the BTC Company has been actively involved in projects improving energy efficiency and increasing energy savings. Instead of dealing with a single reduction in energy consumption, these projects aim to set up a system for reducing energy consumption continuously. This is why in June of this year the BTC Company has set up its third solar power plant, extending over 8000 square metres in Murska Sobota BTC shopping centre.

Last year a 13 000 square metres solar power plant was set up on the roof of the BTC Logistics Centre at Letališka ulica street in Ljubljana, along with a solar power plant set up onto the south facade of the Crystal Palace. Yearly all three solar power plants together produce 2 million kWh of electric energy. Last year BTC Company used 39 million kWh, and in 2009 41 million kWh of electric energy.

Lighting replacement in BTC shopping centres

This year other energy projects within the BTC are designed to improve energy efficiency as well. By replacing the inner and outer obsolete and energy-inefficient lighting in the first half of the year, they optimized the use of electric energy in BTC Logistics Centre at Letališka ulica street in Ljubljana. Installing the modern energy-saving lighting system, their aim is to save 524 180 kWh of electric energy per year thereby reducing the carbon dioxide emissions by 230 tons.

The BTC Company is also making preparations for replacing the lighting in BTC City shopping centres in Ljubljana, Novo mesto and Murska Sobota. This way they will reduce the yearly electric energy consumption by 305 348 kWh and also reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by additional 213 tons per year.

The project, which is partially financed by the EU and the Ministry of Economics, is the UREE 1 project which deals with more efficient use of electric energy in the field of economy in the period between 2011 and 2013. This year BTC Company will invest 1.5 million Euros in energy projects.

Financial stimulations for the UREE 1 project are intended for the economy investors and their investments in the installation of new and efficient electric appliances, regulators and control-regulational equipment. This is defined as the purchase and installation of IE3 EU-Standard electro motors (Decree of the Committee (ES) No. 640/2009), installation of frequency converters to the existent electromotor devices, new devices (pumps, electric fans, compressed air and refrigerating compressors), equipped with a standard IE3 or IE2 EU-class drive with changeable velocity, as well as new luminous devices for efficient inner and outer lighting. Last year the investors of this project received 2 million Euros, which was the same amount as this year, however they will be given 2.5 million Euros next year.

ISO 50001 Standard Certificate and Mission Green

Due to reduction in energy consumption and in negative effects on the environment, a month ago BTC Company has been awarded, as one of the first companies in Slovenia, the international ISO 50001:2011 Standard Certificate, which enables companies consistent and efficient energy management. The Standard is an upgrade of the Environment management system according to the demands of the international ISO 14000 Standard.

In the second half of this month BTC Company will launch the project Mission Green, which focuses on reducing the carbon dioxide emissions and creating a more natural and greener environment. Using the green colour, they will mark pathways, green steps, waste bins and motivational messages, making the visitors, employees and business partners a part of the project as ecology ambassadors.