SiTi Teater BTC began its fifth season of fun and pastime with the eagerly awaited solo comedy “Star Fotr”. In the show with a meaningful title Janez Hočevar – Rifle makes sure everybody laughs out loud; the young, the not so young, and those whom young people offer their own seats, because of all the little truths the show carries over. “Star fotr”, directed by Jurij Zrnec, is the (un)official sequel of the “Fotr” show.

Janez Hočevar – Rifle has won three of most important awards in the field of culture. For his creative work he has won the awards of the Prešeren Fond, the Borštnik Ring and the Viktor lifetime achievement award. Now he performs in SiTi Teater as a modern grandfather facing his grandchildren and his wife’s expectations, and realizing that young people are offering him their own seats practically at every step he takes.

The show is a cocktail of situational and character comedy aspects, declarations of a grandpa and dialogues between a grandfather and a grandmother. All through the eyes of the repeatedly awarded actor and director Jurij Zrnec.

Janez Hočevar – Rifle is “Star Fotr”

  • Shows in October: 6., 12., 21. October