The Slovenian cardiovascular health society organised the main event on World Heart Day at the square Trg mladih in BTC. Indeed the numerous visitors turned out to be young people, much more of them than in previous years at the square Prešernov trg.

The main event was the perfect opportunity to introduce certain novelties. Along with traditional preventive measurements we also provided measurements that showed the condition of our leg arteries and veins. There was a long queue of cheerful visitors outside the ECG tent as well. Present at the event, giving free advice and making the programme interesting was also the renowned neurologist from Maribor, assistant Jožef Magdič, M.D. The visitors got the opportunity to discover other novelties as well. We were pleased to see the large number of world petition signatures for stroke prevention which is the result of atrial fibrillation. Together we can achieve more.

All those who wish to find out about their risk factors and the hazard for the cardio-vascular disease occurrence, are kindly invited to attend the measurements (blood pressure and cholesterol, sugar, triglyceride, LDL, HDL in blood, ankle-brachial index, venous plethysmography, ECG, … ) or consult a doctor at the Heart Consultant Service (Posvetovalnica za srce) in Ljubljana, Cigaletova 9 (Telephone number: +3861 2347555).