The BTC Company has been run for 20 years by the same management team
This year the assembly of BTC d.d. has been accompanied by the marking of 20 years of managing the company by the same management team. With regular investments, the renovation of existing 171,000 m² of industrial buildings and 150,000m² of new buildings, 235 million Euro of direct investments and 165 million Euro of investments by business partners, the BTC Management has each year generated and given tempo to the development and creation of one of the biggest business, shopping, recreational, entertainment and cultural centres in Europe. At the same time, the company has moved its logistics centre from the Šmartinska ulica street to the Letališka ulica street, where a modern logistics terminal with proper infrastructure and equipment was built. The company was successful in guaranteeing annual stable growth of commerce, stable pay-checks and social standard of its employees. The company’s management sees contentment and good relations among employees as a key value and a guarantee for future development. For its achievements in sustainable development and social responsibility, the company has received several awards, the latest in April 2013 – the European Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

At the assembly of BTC d.d., which took place on May 29th 2013, and was attended by the company’s shareholders, the percentage of their shares amounting to 95 percent, the revised annual company’s report for the 2012 business year was presented. The shareholders unanimously passed the following resolutions:

  • On December 31st 2012 the company’s balance profit in the size of €16,980,295.33 will be used as follows:
  • the shareholders will receive dividends in the amount of €9.60 per share, which amounts to €2,159,270.40. 
  • the balance profit in the amount of €10,000,000.00 will be distributed among other reserves from the profit.
  • the balance profit in the amount of €4,821,024.93 will remain undistributed, while its distribution will be decided upon in the coming business years.
  • The Management and the Supervisory board will receive discharge for their satisfactory services in 2012.

  • The company’s auditor in 2013 will be Ernst&Young.
  • The assembly gives authorisation to the Management Board to acquire the company’s own shares in the scope of statutory provisions, with the lowest bidding price set at €148.00 and the highest at €230.00.
  • In accordance with the resolutions of the assembly, the end of term of current Supervisory board members will be on February 28th 2014. At that time, Vincencij Kocjančič, the current president of the Supervisory board, and Andrej Korinšek, the founder and former director of KPMG Slovenia, will be elected for the term period of four years. The third board member will be named by the Council of the company’s employees.

The company’s balance shows a satisfactory level of business conduct. The company’s income in 2012 was €52,807,099, while the profit amounted to €7,208,834. The company has continued with its investments in the amount of €5,405,850 allocated to the renovation of business offices with new programming contents, renewable energy sources, the construction of a new solar plant in Murska Sobota, in new lighting on the basis of LED technology, in the upgrade of the information software and in the purchase of warehouse and transport equipment. Over the past year, several stores have been replaced by new ones, which adds to a more varied and original offer of stores in BTC City. The new stores include Lidl, Center energetskih rešitev, Mercator tehnika, Fitinn športni center, etc. The Logistics centre has noted a 3.6% growth despite demanding conditions. The Crystal palace is slowly getting filled with offices of the most prestigious foreign business partners. The company has increased its business stability with a new service, the so-called “integrated management of business spaces”, which is based on the sale of the company’s own knowledge, experience and good practice concerning the management of BTC City areas. BTC signed a contract with Hypo Alpe Adria bank regarding the management of 19 shopping centres and Qlandija shopping centres, which amounts to 300,000m² of business areas.

In 2012 the company made a lot of investments, progressed in the field of sustainable development, and significantly improved the system of effective and systematic energy management with the aim of reducing costs and energy use. Besides renovating the façades of buildings and giving them better thermal insulation, the lighting in the Logistics centre and the old and energy-inefficient inner and outer lighting in all BTC City’s was replaced by the new and energy-saving LED technology. This replacement was partially made possible by EU funds. All this led to the company significantly reducing energy consumption and lowering the costs of electricity, while also significantly reducing CO² emissions. In 2012, the BTC Company has built a third solar plant in Murska Sobota and acquired the energy ISO standard 50.001.

The company invested in the renovation of BTC City Ljubljana. For the visitors, the most interesting feature is probably the project “Mission Green”, which implies freshness and is related to all things people and environment friendly. The project encouraged visitors and consumers to show more respect towards the values of sustainable development and ecology, two factors which are regularly worked on by BTC.

One of BTC City’s biggest achievements in the past year was the construction of the 16-floor hotel Plaza, which is a 4-star hotel with 500 beds, congress halls, a restaurant and an incredible terrace, which fits perfectly in the comprehensive offer of BTC City Ljubljana. The investor of this project was Zlatarna Celje, since BTC was only the land owner, which provided and sold the land to Zlatarna Celje.

Additional information:

BTC d.d., Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector