From Friday, June 7th till Sunday, June 9th 2013, the area of BTC City Ljubljana will see occasional full road blocks along the streets Ameriška ulica and Francoska ulica, while the entire raised area of the parking lot P4 by Hall A will remain completely closed during the event.

Full road blocks are estimated as follows:

Ameriška ulica street (from the roundabout by Kratochwill all the way to the Šmartinska cesta street):

  • June 7th 2013 from 3pm till estimated 9pm;
  • June 8th 2013 estimated from 4pm till 7pm;
  • June 9th 2013 from 7am till9pm.

The streets Francoska ulica and Argentinska ulica:

  • June 8th 2013 from 3:30pm to 7pm.

In the time of the event there will be a special regime for pedestrians to cross the street Ameriška ulica.

We ask for your understanding and implore you to follow the instructions of security guards and BTC employees during the event.