BTC City Ljubljana to host the biggest event in Slovenia with the eco-vehicles theme ECOmeet – 2013, on June 15th at the car-park lot outside Hall A

  • Are you interested in the current offer of different types of eco-vehicles?
  • Are you interested in the current state and the expected trends of the eco-vehicles development?
  • Do you know that your car’s efficiency is less than 5% when driving in the city?
  • Do you acknowledge the connection between global conflicts and oil demand?
  • Would you like to test drive different electric cars, scooters and bicycles?
  • Do you find it disturbing that with every litre of fuel used while driving, you contribute to the exhaust of additional 50 litres of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?

EcoMeet 2013

Over the last years several distinctive factors, which all demand and show serious changes in the field of transport organization and transport technologies, have been formed. The reasons for the formation of such factors are the more strained accessibility of fossil fuels and the environmental problems whereas the levers for performing the transition to a new transport paradigm have been created by the more coherent global, European and local politics. The new scientific and technological discoveries and the changes in the automobile industry contribute greatly to the development. All the measures are directed towards securing the continual transport which would in long-term ensure mobility of current and future generations without harming the environment.
Solutions for environmentally friendly and continual transport only partly lie in the new technologies and in the decisions made by the designers of transport and energy politics, since most of the responsibility lies on all on the people. A well informed society can accept the new technological and non-technological possibilities in a quick and effective way, whereas making a wider group of people aware of the ways to achieve continual transport is an even bigger challenge.

After the events: ČEVELJ1, ČEVELJ2, ČEVELJ3, EVERGO, E-mobility, ECOmeet 2010 and ECOmeet 2012, the ECOmeet this year will be the biggest event with the ecological vehicles theme in Slovenia, where the technologies and the non-technological possibilities for continual transport will be presented to the wider public.

Among the technologies presented, the electric vehicles will probably be the most interesting for the visitors. The presentation of hybrid vehicles and vehicles on auto-gas will be exciting and extensive.  Visitors will be able to test the light electrical vehicles, such as the electric cars and electric double-wheelers, while top experts and researchers will show the visitors how ecological vehicles actually operate.

Event programme

Visitors will be able to see the modern ecological vehicles, test drive them and get to know the transport technologies of the near future.  They will also meet the drivers and owners of electric cars, drive electric scooters, four-wheelers and bikes, look at special electric vehicles (there is a special surprise in store for all the visitors) and visit the show of “custom” bicycles.  The most curious visitors will be able to get in touch with renewable energy sources, their production and preparation and will become familiar with the beneficial alternative technologies for fossil fuels which one can build in his/her car already today.

For all those who already have electric vehicles or are seriously thinking about them, we will prepare a presentation on the electric vehicle charging stations across Slovenia. Full of new adventures, experience and knowledge visitors will be able to feast their eyes during the EcoFashion show.

Owners and sponsors will present their ecological vehicles to the wider public with test drives. Visitors will also be able to take photos with them and support the environmental and human friendly vehicles, and the renewable sources of energy.

There will also be numerous prizes in different Eco categories for all the visitors and participants. 

The contents of the event are still being complemented and upgraded, we will also provide appropriate guest speakers on this topic, and we are also at the same time open to new suggestions, because we would like the event to achieve what we all really want and think the wider society needs the most.