On Tuesday, August 21st 2013, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, responded to the invitation of the President of BTC Management Board, Jože Mermal, and visited BTC Company d.d, where he met with the members of the company’s management board. Borut Pahor said that BTC Company d.d. deserved recognition for its past achievements and all the developmental programmes and plans, which have, despite the economic crisis, managed to secure new workplaces. Today, such optimistic stories represent one of the biggest challenges of the Slovene economy in finally turning its economic growth curve upwards.

In the discussion about the company’s exceptionable realisation of socially responsible projects and sponsorship, for which the company was given, in June 2013, the European CSR award by the European Commission, the president exposed the problem of the centre for mothers in need, Materinski dom Ljubljana, which he visited in May this year. During his visit he learnt about the hard financial situation of the institution, and due to its importance, promised help to the institution’s management in solving its financial predicament, all in the scope of his competence. The President of BTC Management Board, Mr Jože Mermal, expressed his willingness to help the institution with a donation, which would help the institution surpass the current situation and make it possible to function undisturbed. With the donation of BTC Company d.d. the centre for mothers in need will be able to completely focus on the realization of programmes in helping its residents to prepare for an independent life.

 “The issue of Materinski dom, the topic of many media reports over the last couple of months, seems to be resolved after today’s decision of the Board. The financial means will help surpass the issues, which brought the institution on the brink of ruin, while the government’s plans for the regulation of its status give hope for Materinski dom to stay open in the future”, said president Pahor and once again thanked BTC d.d. Management and Management Board for a decision which sets an example and encourages other “healthy” companies with great business success stories to offer their help in the future. “Those who are successful and those who are a bit less successful and need some help from others will be able to succeed if they fight the crisis together”, added president Pahor.

Source: up-rs.si