Today the Crystal palace in BTC City Ljubljana hosted the opening of SiTi ARTstore, a brand new young artist shop. The shop will make it possible for customers to buy works of young and talented, but not yet very well known Slovene artists working in different art fields. The target group of the shop are supporters of Slovene art and all those who wish to invest in designer and art works of great quality. The shop’s concept is based on the development and recognition of artists and creative designers within the Slovene cultural space. At the opening, young talents who will put their works of art on display in the shop were greeted by the Minister of Culture, Uroš Grilc, PhD, and the President of the Slovene Parliament, Mr Janko Veber.

The BTC Company, which is, alongside the Ypsilon institution, one of the main sponsors of the SiTi ARTstore project, has been striving towards socially responsible activities for many years now. Their efforts, especially over the last couple of years, have spread to the fields of creativity, culture and young people – fields which have often been neglected by society. The BTC Company recognizes culture as a positive endeavour and as part of turning back to society.

The opening of the shop in the Crystal palace offers a unique opportunity for all young up-and-coming artists, since it allows them to come in contact with clients, which usually represents one of the biggest challenges at the start of their careers. “Young artists need support, a place where they can show their art, as well as step into contact with clients and the economy. They need an audience to draw attention to themselves and the times they are living in. Since BTC City is also a cultural centre, our decision to open such a shop was a given”, said the president of BTC Management Board, Jože Mermal, adding that the new SiTi ARTstore offers something new to all the visitors to BTC who are interested in art, support the creativity of young people, and are aiming for something more than just shopping. “This was also one of the reasons we decided to take up the offer of the Ypsilon institute. The new acquisition is much more than just a shop. It is a place with added value, enabling people to exchange ideas, forge connections, organize events and educate all who are supportive of young creative artists,” added Mr Mermal.

The shop will be a place where young artists from different art fields – such as painting, engraving, illustrating, drawing, sculpting, photography, jewellery making and textile craftsmanship – will be able to put their works on display. Designers and artists, who will have the opportunity to show off their works in the shop, were, after a public tender, rated and selected by a committee, comprising experts from different fields. Among the 114 submissions they selected 59 artists and designers, which now have their products on display in the SiTi ARTstore. Among the products you will be able to find quality unique creations, as well as business gifts for various companies.

Aiming to better educate the Slovene public in the field of art, SiTi ARTstore will organize regular cultural and art events, conferences and debates dealing with current issues in the field of art. From time to time visitors will be able to attend exhibition openings, auctions of art works, workshops with artists, presentations of young authors and educational trainings engaging with investment into modern art, as well as lectures on art in Slovenia and some fashion shows. The shop will also be a great place to exchange ideas and take advantage of new possibilities offered via various tenders and exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.

Since BTC will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2014, the opening of the shop can represent some sort of an overture into the celebration of the company’s extraordinary milestone. The entire BTC City is an urban entity and the most important Slovene business, shopping, recreation, entertainment and cultural centre.

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Maja Oven, director of BTC d.d. Market Communication and Public Relations Sector